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Do I need an anti virus on my mac ?

The mac is not immuned to viruses, but the fact remains that no successful viruses spreaded for mac.

None of us here at MHO use an anti virus. Everytime a new thread came up, it was fixed by the Apple updates, so we fell pretty safe.

The problem starts with email software, downloads, and running windows in parallel of osx.

So to be on the safe side, if you are not an expert and able to know when your computer is acting infected you should install an anti virus.

Note also that the past year we have seen viruses for the iPhone and some spyware attempts which didn't really succeeded.

A good list of anti viruses for mac is available from .

a free solution that looks interesting is iAntivirus.

[update] we decided to give iAntivirus a try and update this post in a week.